Monday, August 24, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Let me begin by saying that menu planning is something I have only been doing for the past 5 months and I have discovered that it is something absolutely essential to saving money. I started off by only doing a weekly menu but now I do a monthly menu. I sit down at the end of each month and take inventory of the things I have and don't have. For the most part I try to use things I already have on hand and those meals I make at the beginning of the month, giving me plenty of time to look for sales on the items I will be using on my end of the month meals.
Another thing that made my life easier was making the same thing for lunch during the weekdays. I have four children and I try to spend some quality time with each of them but it can be a bit difficult with all the other things that are on my to do list, so I assigned each of them a day. (Mondays go to my son, Tuesdays go to daughter #1, Wednesdays are for daughter #2, and Thursdays are for daughter #3, Fridays are mom & dad's day, and the weekends are family days.) I asked each of my children what their favorite meals were and that is what I make for lunch on their day. They also help me prepare the meal.
This is what this weeks menu looks like:

Mon.- Quesadillas, rice, beans
Tues.- Macaroni (homemade), salad
Wed.- Fish, noodles, veggies
Thurs.- Peanut butter sandwiches, fruit
Fri.- Pancakes

Mon.- Rotisserie chicken, corn, mashed potatoes
Tues.- Quiche, fruit
Wed.- Spaghetti, salad
Thurs.- Chili, dinner rolls
Fri.- Pizza night
Sat.- Enchiladas, rice, beans
Sun.- Chile verde, rice, beans

To get inspired and read other menus check out I'm an Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday page here.


  1. Welcome to blogging! Unless of course this is your eighth one and it is just new . . . I just started my first blog last week and posted at orgjunkie for the first time as well. I have 3 girls and a boy too, and I love your idea for having them pick their favorite meal for lunch and being the kitchen helper for the day. My kids are still pretty little (5 and under) but they do love to help. I am in the Chicago area, but my Dad and stepmom live in socal. She is always trying to figure out how to coupon and I am not there to help : (. Perhaps your local deals will make sense to her. Good luck to you!!

  2. Looks great! I think it's wonderful that you plan to spend time with each child. It's not an easy thing to do.

  3. Thank you both for the warm welcome! This is actually my first blog so I will try my vey best to keep at it especially since I am not very computer saavy! :)
    As for the kids helping, my youngest daughter is 4 years old and she helps to get the items out of the fridge/pantry and also to spread the PB&J on the bread. Although she usually ends up making a bit of a mess!